In order to connect to a TSS printer, first make sure you are connected to the TSS network, via WiFi or a wired connection. Once you're connected, follow the steps below. The screenshots are from a Mac running El Capitan, but the steps are the same on most versions of MacOS.

1. Launch the 'Printers & Scanners' System Preference Pane. You can do this by browsing through the System Preferences pane, or by pressing Command + Space Bar, then typing "Printers":

2. Click the "+" icon in the lower-left hand corner to browse a list of available network printers:

3. Browse the list of printers for the one you want. Printer names are (mostly) organized by campus (such as JC), then building (such as WC for Welcome Center), then printer name (Copier-Printer). If you see multiple copies of the same printer, you can try either one. For some printers, the one listed "@ JC-PS" will download the proper drive, for others the one without the "@ JC-PS" suffix will work better. You may need to try both. Under the "Use" menu at the bottom, choose "Auto Select", then click "Add".

4. And you're done! You are now set up to print. Be sure to print double-sided whenever possible or better yet, if you can, use one-sided paper to conserve resources.