Having trouble connecting to a projector? This Solution is for you!

The Projector

First of all, check to make sure your projector is working properly. When turned on and not connected to a computer, it should project a blue box onto the screen. Don't see this blue box? Check:

  • Is there a shutter covering the projector lens?
  • Is the projector's power cord plugged firmly into the projector
  • Check the other end of the power cable; is it plugged into a working outlet or power strip?

Check the Connection

If your projector is now projecting a blue screen, it's time to move on. Take a look at the cable that connects the computer and the projector. Make sure that it is firmly attached at both ends. Also, take a look at the label of the port where the cable connects to the projector; it should read something like RBG2 or HDMI. Make sure that the SOURCE for your projector (available by accessing the projector's menu) matches the connected port.

The Computer

Make sure your computer is turned on and is working properly. If you're on a Windows PC, press a the Windows key and the letter P. This will bring up the projector options menu. Typically, you'll want to select "Duplicate", which will mirror the computer's screen to the projector.

Still having issues? Contact the IT department at helpdesk@tetonscience.org