The Remote Desktop allows you to access a computer on the TSS network and use features and applications that only work inside of the TSS network. The difference is that you’re actually doing all the “work” on the TSS server and your local computer is just “viewing” what is happening on the server. Remote Desktop allows you to log in to the remote computerfirst, then run one or more programs before logging off. Watch the video below, or follow the written instructions to learn more.

Why would you want to connect to the TSS network from off campus? The biggest reason is to access Network Files and other network locations like the Media Drive.  You can also use applications like Education Edge or Raisers Edge that you would not normally be able to run from off campus.

Note: The following instructions are for a Windows computer. For a Macintosh computer, you’ll need to download a Mac Remote Desktop Connection program by searching for Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on the Mac App store and downloading it. You can read more details about Remote Access to TSS on a Mac by clicking on this link.


From a Windows 10 computer go to Start  Windows Accessories  Remote Desktop Connection. When the RDP program starts, enter and then click on Options. Click on Local Resources and in the Local Devices and Resources section, choose what you wish to use on your local computer when logged in to the TSS network. Selecting Clipboard will let you cut and paste between the remote computer and your local computer. If you select More you can choose local hard drives that will appear on the remote computer (a great way to copy stuff back and forth, but the speed of the transfer will be painfully slow.). Although there is a Printers check box, we have not implemented yet the ability to print things to your local computer as it is very problematic at best.


When you’ve completed the above, click on Connect and you’ll be presented with a “Remote Desktop” of a computer on our network. Log in with your Windows credentials and you’ll see a desktop with icons for the most commonly used programs on the network – Office, Raisers Edge, Education Edge, etc. Use the programs just as if you were on campus.

You can use the “remote desktop bar” to switch back and forth between the remote screen and your local computer by clicking on the minimize control (the underscore two icons to the left of the “x” on the right side of the bar. This will minimize the remote desktop to the taskbar on your local computer and you can use your local computer. To return to the remote computer simply click on the taskbar where the desktop has been minimized.


When you’re finished with the remote desktop please go to Start and Logoff the remote desktop and not click on the “x” in the remote desktop taskbar as it will just disconnect you from the desktop but leave you logged in using once of then license “slots” for the remote desktop. We only have a few licenses currently and it might make it so that another person is prevented from connecting.


Note: You can actually connect to the remote desktop from anywhere, even on campus, so feel free to test it out before you leave campus.