We often need to share documents, folders, and files on Google Drive with collaborators, both inside and outside the organization. But what about the scenarios when you might only want to share something for a limited time? Maybe you want to allow a co-worker access to documents pertaining to a shared project, but you also want their access to expire after the project is over. Maybe you want to allow a volunteer to have access to relevant files, but you don't want them to continue to have access after their term of service is over. Regardless of your reasons, you could simply try and remember to update the sharing permissions on the correct date, but, of course, there's an easier way. 

Google drive now allows you to set an expiration date when you share a file or folder. The video below explains how. 

Important note: At this time, this feature only works for collaborators with "can view" and "can comment" access. If your collaborator has editing access, you won't be able to set an expiration date.