The TSS Shoretel phone system includes the ability to host a webinar-style conference call without using a third-party application like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, or Skype. By hosting a Shoretel conference call, your participants can:

  • Call into a phone number to listen and talk over a shared conference phone line
  • Participate in an online chat during the conference call
  • View your screen activity, allowing you to share presentation slides or guide participants through performing a complicated task.

This tutorial (and video below) will show you how to set up a Shortel conference. This guide is only a quick overview to get you started. If you want to dive into all of the advanced features of Shortel conferencing, you can view Shortel's free training course, or the conferencing manual. Remember that it's ALWAYS a good idea to do a test-run of your conference call several days in advance, especially if you've never used the Shortel conferencing software before.

Scheduling your Conference
1.  Ideally, you'll schedule your conference several days in advance of your intended conference call. First off, you'll need to log into TSS's Shortel conferencing server. To do this, open either Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You cannot host a Shortel Conference using Google Chrome. Next, visit

3. Click on 'Sign In' in the upper-right corner to log in. You'll need to use your Shortel credentials to log in, which means your username will be your first initial followed by your last name (e.g. CJacobsen).

4. After signing in, click on 'Add a Conference'.

5. Fill in information about your conference, including a name, a time, and a description. It is highly recommended that you schedule your conference for a date and time; this will ensure that no other TSS staff will be using the conferencing software at the same time. Once you've finalized your settings, click 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen.

Inviting Guests
1. To invite guests to your conference call, click on the 'Invite' icon next to the name of your conference call:

2. You'll have several options for inviting participants:
  • You can cut and paste the link shown and send it to participants however you choose
  • You can click 'Open My Email' to send an email from a program like Outlook
  • You can input email addresses to send participants an email

However you choose to invite your guests, they'll need to visit the website URL for the conference. You can find this information at the top of the invite page, as you can see in my example:

Hosting Your Conference Call

1. Log into the Shortel Conference service using Firefox or Microsoft Edge (remember, Chrome won't work) then click on 'My Conferences'.

2. Click on the "Join" link next to the conference you'd like to join:

3. You'll enter the conference calling screen, which will provide instructions for how to join in over the phone, as well as information about the participants:

4. Well in advance of your call, you'll want to test out the screen sharing function. Click on the green arrow in the center to turn on screen sharing. If it's your first time using the Shortel Conferencing software, you'll be prompted to install an application; go ahead and do this if you need to.

5. You'll know you're sharing your screen when you see a red border appear around the perimeter. The menu at the top of the display gives you options about how you'd like your screen to appear:

Advanced Features

The Shortel Conferencing service is a powerful tool with many other features not covered here. They include:

  • Integration with the Shoretel Communicator app
  • The ability to record conference calls¬†
  • The ability to mute, add, and remove participants.
  • Joining a webinar from iPads and iPhones

If you're interested in learning more, see the User Guide and Training Course from Shoretel for more information.