One of the big advantages of using Google Drive is that there are a number of different ways to recover a file if you delete it accidentally. To learn about your options for recovering a file, watch this short video or check out the article below.

Did you REALLY Delete It?

Before you start looking into how to recover a deleted file, it's worth taking a minute to ask: is it really gone? The quickest way to recover a file that you might have misplaced is to use Drive's excellent search feature. It's very easy to remove a file from your Drive, only to find that it still exists somewhere else in the TSS File structure. A quick search is well worth the effort.

Check the Trash

The next place to search is the Trash. You can browse through the trash by clicking on the 'Trash' icon on the left hand side of the screen, or you can search through the Trash by typing your search query into the Drive Search box, clicking on the dropdown arrow, and then selecting 'Trash' from the 'Located in' menu:

Fun Fact: Google Drive NEVER empties your trash automatically. Whenever you delete a file, it goes into your trash and it will stay there until you expressly tell Google you want to delete it forever. 

Whoops, I Deleted the File Forever! Now How Do I Get It Back?

Even if you do mistakenly delete a file from your trash, there's still an app called SysCloud that you can use to recover it. SysCloud is a service that TSS pays to backup our Google Drive files. 

1. Click on the 9-square grid in the upper right-hand corner of your Drive. You'll see a bunch of Google Apps listed. Choose "More" at the bottom, then click on "SysCloud Backup DLP Compliance":

2. Now you're in the SysCloud window. There are three ways you can look for your file. First of all, you can browse through files that were recently deleted from your Drive:

You can also browse through the TSS File structure, or your own Drive folders, by expanding tho folder trees on the left-hand side of the screen:

Finally, there's also a search box in the upper-right hand side of the screen that you can use to type in search terms:

3. Once you've found the file or folder you'd like to restore, click on the 'View Details' link, which will give you two available actions:

You can choose 'Download' if you want to download a copy of the deleted file to your computer, or you can choose 'Restore' if you want to restore the file to your Drive. Note that restoring a file or folder to your Drive isn't an instant process; it can sometimes take (depending on the file size) up to a couple hours to restore very large files and/or folders. 

The Limits of SysCloud

SysCloud is usually only able to restore files for which you were the owner. If a document disappears from your Drive that you didn't own, you may have to find the document's owner first, then ask them to restore it. If a co-worker, for example, shares a file with you, then deletes it, you'll need to talk to that co-worker to restore the file. If you're not sure who the original owner of the file was, you may need to contact IT for further assistance.