To print a booklet-style publication (like a student journal) in Publisher using one of the Ricoh copiers at Journeys or the Kelly Campus, follow the instructions below.

1. After you've selected your printer, make sure that the settings in the printer dialog box are as follows:

  • Booklet, side-fold
  • Letter
  • Print on Both sides (Flip sheets on short edge)

2. Next, click on 'Printer Properties' and choose the 'Detailed Settings' tab at the top of the dialog box.

3. In the Menu, navigate to 'Finishing' and under Staple, choose '2 at Center'. Note: you won't be able to change the folding options, but don't worry, the printer will still fold your booklets in half after they've been stapled.

4. That should be it. If you're still having difficulties, comb back through the menu options in the 'Printer Properties' dialog box and make sure nothing looks amiss.