Performance Reviews. Budget Meetings. Advisory Sessions. Chances are, there's some kind of recurring event (or, more likely, several kinds!) where you want to make yourself available for others to book an appointment with you. Google Calendar has had appointment-booking functionality for quite a while and in this article, I'm going to show you how it works. 

Create an Appointment Time:

1. First, find a block of time on your Google Calendar where you'd like to make yourself available for appointments. Click on your calendar to create the Appointment slot, then choose the hard-to-see option "Appointment Slots" in the dialog box:

2. Next up, you'll get some choices about whether you want to make this a single appointment slot, or whether you want to allow students or co-workers to book smaller chunks of that time. In this example, we'll choose the latter option:

3. Finish up the details of the your appointment slot. Before you save the appointment, you'll want to copy the big giant link labeled: "This calendar's appointment page".

 4. Now, you'll want to send this link to your prospective recipients.

For the Recipients:

Your recipients, when they click on the link, will see the available appointment slots appear. To book one of them, they just need to click on one, then click "Save" in the Book an Appointment dialog box that shows up. 

You, the organizer, will get a notice that the slot has been filled and who made the booking. It will also appear on your calendar:

Other Notes:

All Google Calendar appointment slots are public, by default. This is both useful and limiting, since you can send your invitation for appointments to anyone (though they do have to have a Google account). If you want to make yourself available for appointments on multiple days, also, you'll need to create several appointment slots, then consolidate all of the different links in a single email to your guests.