Let's say you're printing a document or a web page using the Google Chrome browser. As you already know, Chrome has its own dialog box that it displays for printing. You get a sidebar on the left, with a preview of your document on the right:

90% of the time, this dialog box is probably all you need. You can choose what pages to print, how many copies, whether to print 2-sided, etc. But what about the times when you have greater ambitions for your print job. Maybe you want staples. Maybe you want hole-punching. Maybe you want to print several pages on each sheet of paper. To access advanced settings like these, you'll want to access what's called the System Print Dialog. Here's how.

Note that this method will only work with printers that are already linked to a Windows Print Server. If you're trying to get advanced options on a printer with only a Google Cloud Print connection, you won't see them.

1. While viewing your document/web page, hit CTL + SHIFT + P on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also open the print dialog box, then click on the inconspicuous link: 'Print using system dialog':

2. Select your printer. The list will only show printers you've added to your computer's print menu. If you don't see your printer listed, follow these instructions for adding a new printer on Windows.

3. You get some print options here, but nothing you didn't see before in Chrome. To get to the advanced printer settings, click on Preferences.

4. Ah-ha, now we're cooking. THIS menu will show you everything your selected printer can actually do. Make whatever tweaks you need, click "OK", then click "Print" to send your job along to the printer.