Let's say you want to print a document to a public printer at TSS. The trouble is, the document isn't one you want to share with everyone in the Organization. It could be...

  • An employee's performance evaluation
  • A sensitive tax document
  • Confidential participant health information
  • Staff salary information
  • Details about Basketcat's surprise birthday party

You're worried because there's a gap of time between when you send the job to the printer and when you can physically get to the printer to retrieve the print job. During that gap of time, anyone could come along and read all of the salacious details of your confidential document. 

This tutorial will run through the basics of how to use Secure Print (or Locked Print). This not-well-known feature allows you to send a job to a printer, but the job will be held (not printed) until you stand at the printer and enter a secret code. Not every TSS printer has this functionality, but here's a list of the ones that do:

  • Jackson Campus: JC-WC-Finance
  • Journeys School- All copiers support Secure Print
  • Kelly Campus- Main Lodge Copier
  • TVCS- Main Lodge Printer, Sage House Copier

One notable exception is the main copier in the JC Welcome Center, which does not support secure print. This process varies slightly between copiers, but the steps below should be enough to guide you through the process on any printer. 

To Send a Secure Print Job to a Copier

1. Open your document. If the document is a Microsoft Office document, you can hit CTL + P (or go to the File menu and select Print). If you're printing from the Chrome browser (a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide), hit CTL + SHIFT + P to get the system print dialog box (you can read more about this here). You can also click the link shown below:

2. Once you're looking at the system dialog box (pictured below), select your target printer, then click on 'Preferences'.

3. Navigate to One-Click Presets (tabs at the top), then under the 'Job Type' dropdown menu, select 'Locked Print':

4. After selecting 'Locked Print', click on the 'Details...' button that's just to the right of the 'Job Type' menu.

5. Enter a User ID, which can be your name or just an alias that you make up. It can only be 8 characters long. Also, set a password, which should be between 4 and 8 numeric characters. Hit OK (twice), to save your changes.

6. Click the 'Print' button to send your job to the copier. Remember that your job won't actually print until you go to the copier and enter your secret code.

How to Retrieve Your Print Job

1. Go to your target printer. Press the Print button.

2. Select the 'Print Jobs' tab, then select 'Locked Jobs':

3. Find your job from the list, select it, then press the 'Print' button on the screen.

4. Use the numeric keypad to enter the password you came up with earlier, then hit "OK".

5. Select 'Resume Prt.':

6. And you're done! Your super-secret print job will print right in front of you, enabling you to secure it away from the printer before any villains get a chance to see it.