Even though there are a lot of advanced calling features that you can access using the Shoretel Commuicator app, it's impressive how much you can still get done without using a computer. This article is going to focus on pro-tips that will help you manage your ShoreTel phone while JUST using your telephone.

Skip the Voicemail Greeting

Let's say you call someone at TSS and your call goes to voicemail. You'll start hearing their greeting: "Hi, you've reached so-and-so. I'm not available right now, but..." You don't actually haveĀ to listen to this whole speech if you don't want to. If you know you've called the right person and you just want to leave them a message, you can press # to skip their greeting. You'll hear their message cut off, you'll hear the *beep*, then you can leave your message, no waiting required.

Use the 'Find Me' Feature to Transfer to Someone's Cell Phone

You called someone about something urgent, but you got their voicemail instead. You could leave them a message, but this call is urgent and you really need to talk to them. If the person you're calling has enabled the 'Find Me' feature on their Shoretel phone (instructions for how to set this up are here), you can press 1 during their voicemail message to transfer to their cell phone. Now, this only works if the person you're calling has taken the time to enable Find Me AND if their phone is in a call handling mode that has Find Me enabled, but it's super-handy when it works because you don't have to go through the extra steps of hanging up, looking up the person's cell number, and re-dialing it.

Log into Your Voicemail from Any ShoreTel Phone

Most folks know that they can access their voicemail by pressing 'Voice Mail' on their own phone, then entering their password. But what if you're notĀ at your own phone? Maybe you're in a conference room or sitting at a co-worker's desk. You can still log into your voicemail from any ShoreTel phone by pressing ## on the keypad (you don't need to lift the receiver or press the speakerphone button, just press # twice), and then entering your extension and your password.

Transfer Your Extension to Any Phone

Let's say you're spending an afternoon at a different desk from where you normally work. Maybe you're doing a stint at the Jackson Campus and sitting at a vacant desk, but your actual desk is at the Kelly Campus. You can still make and receive calls as if you were sitting at your own desk if you transfer your extension to the phone closest to you. First, press the # sign twice (##) on your target phone, then enter your extension and password. Next, press 7, 3, 1. This will move your extension from your normal phone to the phone you're sitting at. It's like Invasion of the Phone Snatchers; you get to Possess this new phone, like an evil spirit.

For example, let's say that Sean (x1111) is on vacation, so Alice (x2222) is using his desk while he's gone. Her normal desk is on a different campus. Alice follows the steps above to transfer her extension to Sean's desk phone. While Alice control's Bob's phone:

  • If someone calls Alice's extension (x2222), the phone on Sean's desk will ring and the phone sitting on Alice's normal desk will stay quiet.
  • If someone call's Sean's extension (x1111), no phones will ring. The call will go straight to voicemail.

It's important to know that this 'phone possession' will stay in place until one of three things happens:

  1. Sean returns from vacation, sits back at his desk, and follows the same steps (##, extension, password, 7,3,1) to reclaim his phone.
  2. Alice returns to her normal desk and re-assigns her extension to her normal phone using the same steps (##, extension, password, 7,3,1).
  3. Alice ends her 'phone possession' before she leaves Sean's desk. To do this, on Sean's phone she needs to log in (##, extension, password) and then give up control of the phone by pressing 7, 3, 2.