The new copier in the Jackson Campus Welcome Center (as of 6/5/18) is capable of printing side-folded booklets, but the process isn't totally intuitive. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a side-fold, double-sided booklet on 8.5" x 11" paper. For this example, we're going to use Publisher to print our journal, but the process is pretty much identical for a PDF or other file type.

1. Open the document you want to print. Open the print dialog box.

2. For the settings, you want to select "Booklet, side-fold", 8.5x11" letter paper, and duplex printing. Keep in mind: the printer's settings will override these local settings. If you ask the copier to print your booklet in color in the Publisher dialog box, but then the printer's setting (discussed in a minute) is set to Black & White, the printer's setting will prevail.

3. Select the JC-WC-Copier from your list of available printers. If you don't see the JC-WC-Copier, follow these instructions to add it to your computer.

4. Click on the small link to 'Printer Properties'

5. In the printer properties dialog box, there are two key settings that you'll want to check on the front page:

  • Duplex: This should be "Open to Left"
  • Staple: This should be "Two at center"

If these two settings are set correctly, you'll get a folded, stapled booklet. These are the two key options you'll need to check.

6. If you want to print your booklet in Color, you'll need to navigate over to the 'Color' tab and change the color setting from Greyscale to CMYK. All print jobs are in Greyscale by default: 

7. Your print job should be ready to go. It's important to remember: you don't need to change anything in the 'Finishing' tab, or 'Layout' tab. For example, in the Finishing tab, you don't need to enable folding, fold style should be "off". As long as you've selected two staples to be placed at the center, you're good to go. Hit OK, then 'Print'.

8. Head over and look for your print job. Jobs will show up in the bottom output tray, near the floor on the left side of the copier.

Common Problems/Errors/Pro-Tips

  • Make sure the paper weight and paper color of your job matches the settings for at least one of the copier trays.
  • Sometimes the copier runs out of staples or paper; you may need to refill them.
  • Booklets print best from paper trays that are landscape-oriented. Make sure that one of your paper trays (preferably tray 2) is loaded with landscape orientation paper. 
  • Booklets take quite a while to print. It's common courtesy to do large booklet print jobs either outside of peak copier use times, or to send them to the copier in small batches (10 or fewer).