So, you've just upgraded to Windows 11? Or you've had your OS reinstalled on your machine? It's like having a whole new computer...with both the upsides, and the downsides. Here are a few steps that you'll want to take to get settled on your new machine. Click on the links below to view tutorials about each step of the process.

As you're getting used to your new machine, remember to be patient; it will take some time for Windows 11 to index your system. Expect to see slower performance for the first couple of hours after upgrading.

  1. Log into your favorite browser to restore your bookmarks and extensions. If you don't already log into your browser, you'll need to set this up before upgrading you operating system. Both Chrome and Firefox support browser sign-in. Here's a tutorial about signing into Chrome.
  2. Log into Google Drive For Desktop with your TSS Google Credentials. 
  3. Change your default programs to the the ones you prefer.

Optional actions:

1.  Launch the Mitel Connect phone application and log in. 

2.  Unpin applications you don't use from the taskbar. Good candidates are Mail, Edge, and the Windows Store. You can unpin an app by right-clicking on its icon, then selecting 'Unpin from Taskbar'.

3.  Likewise, pin commonly-used applications to your start menu by launching them, right clicking on the application icon, then selecting "Pin to Taskbar".