By default, once you start using your TSS Google Account, you'll see a capital letter in the upper right hand corner of any Google service when you're logged in. The letter will be the first initial of your first name, so someone named Joe will see a capital J in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you'd rather pick an actual picture of yourself to appear in that corner instead, however, you can easily do that. The video and article below will show you how.

1. Log into any Google App with your TSS credentials (Drive, Mail, Calendar) and click on the capital letter in the upper right-hand corner:

2. Hover over the capital letter and you'll see the word 'change' appear in small type. Go ahead and click on it.

3. You'll be prompted to pick a new profile picture. You can pull a file off your computer, you can choose one from the Google Photos folder in Drive, or, if your computer has a webcam, you can take a photo of yourself right now.

4. You'll get a chance to crop the image. Drag the cropping frame until you like the position and size of the cropped photo. Then, click "Set as Profile Picture" in the bottom-left.

Choosing a Profile Picture

Remember, this photo will be shown to anyone who views your account in a Google service, which could, potentially, be a student, an intern, a partner organization, or a client. Choose a photo that you're comfortable will represent you well in a professional setting, e.g. not a picture of your cat. If you have doubts about whether a profile photo is appropriate, contact your department head.

Managing Multiple Google Accounts

Many folks have at least one personal Google Account in addition to their TSS account. If this describes you, here's a pro-tip: choose different photos with high contrast for each account. This way, when you're switching back and forth between accounts, you can easily glance at your profile picture and confirm which identity is logged in. When switching between Chrome profiles, your photo is literally the only way you can tell the difference between your personal and TSS accounts: