Google Calendar's menu of keyboard shortcuts aren't quite as deep as Google Mail's, but they still allow you to get quite a lot done in Calendar without needing your mouse. As with Google Mail, keyboard shortcuts are worth learning because they allow you to get more completed in less time. They make you more productive. Of the dozen or so selected shortcuts listed below, the view shortcuts (numbers 1-5 on your keyboard) are some of the easiest to use and also the most useful. Check out the video below to see shortcut use in action!

Keyboard Shortcut What it Does
? View available Keyboard Shortcuts
r Refresh the view of your calendar
j and k Move forward or backward (respectively) through time
t Go to Today
1 or d Day View
2 or w Week View
3 or m Month View
4 or x 4-Day View
5 or a Agenda View
c Create a new event
q Quick Add a new event
s Go to Settings
/ Go to the search bar