Google Docs has a built-in PDF converter that you probably already know about. You go to the file menu, select "Download as", then "PDF Document (.pdf)":


Sometimes, however, Google's PDF conversion doesn't quite do everything correctly. If your document contains tables, especially tables that include bulleted lists, you sometimes get some strange encoding errors in your result:


A mis-converted PDF Document

Fortunately, there's another way to convert Google Docs to PDFs and it has a more reliable track record.

1. Go to the file menu again, but this time click on 'Print'.

2.  After opening up the print dialog box, click on the 'Change...' button under 'Destination':


3. Under the list of printer,s under Local Destinations, there should be a 'Save as PDF' option that's available. Select it. 


4. Back in the print dialog box, the blue button that used to read 'Print' now is labeled 'Save'. Click it.


4. You'll now find a converted PDF of your Google Doc in your Downloads folder. This isn't a foolproof conversion method, it can still make mistakes. It will often give better results, however, because the 'Print as PDF' conversion uses Windows' built-in PDF converter rather than Google's.