The TSS Global Directory is an address book that contains contact information for all staff and students at Teton Science Schools. Here's how to access it from an iOS device like an iPad or an iPhone.

1. First, make sure you're logged into your TSS Google Workspace account on your iOS device. Go to Settings -> Contacts -> Accounts. Make sure your TSS account is listed as a Gmail account, with at least the Contacts slider enabled.

If you don't see your account listed, go back a step, tap 'Add Account', select 'Google', and enter your TSS credentials.

2. Open the Contacts App. Tap on 'Groups' in the upper-left corner.

3. Tap on 'Global Address List'. 

4. Type in the name you're searching for. Note that iOS will only search by name, so you can't type in a position title or a phone number for your search term.

After you enter your search term, hit enter (make sure to do this; otherwise, you won't see any results), then tap the name you're looking for.

5. Your contact's name, title, and information will be displayed. Note that iOS doesn't support all of the same fields as Google Workspace, so you may not see some custom information like the contact's location or campus.