The TSS Global Directory is an address book that contains contact information for all staff and students at Teton Science Schools. Here's how to access it from an Android device.

1. Open the Google Contacts app. If you don't have this app installed, you can use your phone manufacturer's contacts app or download Google Contacts for free from the Google Play store:

2. Click on the small profile picture in the upper-right hand corner to view your linked accounts. If you don't see your TSS Google Workspace account listed, tap "Add Another account". Otherwise, skip to step 4.

3. Log into your TSS Google account using your email address, password, and 2FA code.

4. Tap on your profile picture again and select your TSS Google Workspace account.

5. From here, use the search field to look for contacts in the Global Directory. If you scroll to the bottom of you should see a heading: Directory Contacts under this heading are listed in the global directory. To view a contact, tap on it.

6. Once you open a directory contact, you can save it to your device by pressing the "Add to contacts" button.