You can request assistance from the TSS Information Technology team by submitting a helpdesk ticket. Some examples of issues that might warrant sending a ticket could include:

  • Equipment Requests ("I need an external keyboard at my desk")
  • Reporting Problems IT Resources ("The projector in the Dining Lodge isn't turning on.")
  • Phone System Issues ("Why are incoming callers always being sent straight to voicemail?")
  • Audio/Visual Requests ("We need AV assistance for a special event.")
  • Software Problems ("Salesforce is sending me too many notifications.")
  • Printer and Copier Issues ("The Development Office copier is out of Cyan toner."

There are two ways to submit a helpdesk ticket.

Use the TSS Helpdesk Portal

1. To log into the TSS IT Helpdesk, first visit

2. Click on one of the two 'login' buttons visible in the upper-right corner of the page.

3. At the bottom of the page, where you see "Are you a customer? Login here", click the link. NOTE: Do not enter a username and password on this login page; they won't work.

4. If prompted, log in using your TSS Google Account credentials.

Alternately, you can also log into the TSS Helpdesk from any Google App by opening the 'waffle' menu in the upper-right corner, then scrolling down and clicking on the 'Freshdesk' app:

5. Once logged in, click the 'New support ticket' link in the upper-right corner of the page.

6. Enter the ticket fields and hit 'submit':

Send Tickets Via Email

You can also submit a ticket to the TSS helpdesk by sending an email to helpdesk[at] 

Pro-Tips For Submitting a Ticket

  • Include as much detail as possible in your request. The more specific your explanation, the quicker we'll be able to solve your problems.
  • If you're getting any kind of error message, be sure to include it in your ticket.
  • Screenshots or screen recordings are often helpful in diagnosing a problem. Use Windows Snip and Sketch (Win + Shift + S) to capture screenshots or Loom to record and share a screencast.
  • You can look at your ticket history by visiting the IT Helpdesk, then selecting "Check ticket status", then select "All Tickets".