You're leaving Teton Science Schools. Maybe you're a graduate student at the end of the program, a Journeys student about to graduate from 12th grade, or an employee moving on to another position. Whatever the circumstance, you may have data in your Teton Science Schools Google account that you'd like to preserve. The day after you depart the organization, your TSS Google Account will be suspended and you'll lose access to it. This tutorial will walk you through the basics of how to export your TSS Google data into an archive, which you can then take with you when you leave the organization.

How to Archive your Data with Google Takeout

1. While logged in with your TSS account, navigate to Google Takeout:

2. Take a look at the list of options. You can export data from any (or all) Google service to take with you when you leave Teton Science Schools. The more services you select, the larger your Takeout archive will be, so only check the services that have data you'd like to preserve for your own use. Do you have contacts in your TSS contact list you'd like to save? Do you want to keep your old calendar entries from your TSS experience? Bear in mind that the more boxes you check, the longer it will take to create and download the archive of your data. Once you've decided what you'd like to export, click "Next".

3. You'l be greeted with a a couple of options during the next step. For archive type, you'll want to choose ".zip". Google gives you some options for how you download your data. You can export it to Dropbox, OneDrive, or another Drive account, but I think the download option is probably the best for most people. Keep in mind that depending on how long you've been with the organization and how much data you've created, the process of creating your archive can take hours or even days.

Downloading Your Google Takeout Archive

You'll get an email from Google when your archive is finished. You can either click the link in the email or navigate back to Google Takeout and choose 'Manage Archives'. Click on the link labeled 'Download' and your download will begin. Again, bear in mind that, depending on how much data you have, this can be a HUGE file and can take many hours to download. Be sure that you're connected to a solid internet connection and plug into an ethernet cord, if one is available. Also, keep in mind that once you create an archive, it will only be available for download for 7 days.

Managing Your Archive

Once the download is finished, you'll have a new folder in your Downloads folder, usually labeled with takeout- and the date/time you created it (e.g. This is a compressed archive of all your exported Google Data. In order to manipulate it, you'll first need to uncompress the file. Macs can do this natively; Windows users may want to use a 3rd party tool like 7Zip. Once the file is uncompressed, you can import it to whatever service you like. The video below shows how to upload your Drive and Calendar data to a personal Google Account: