For those that don't know, your TSS laptop comes preinstalled with the Google Drive desktop app. This isn't the same as going to and clicking on Google Drive. This app runs outside of your web browser and allows you to access your Google Drive from the Windows File Explorer.

Sometimes this app will no longer be signed into your TSS Google account and your G: drive will get a ? next to it. This guide will show you how to get signed in again so that you can access your G: drive.

Try To Open the Google Drive Application

The first step is to open the start menu and type in Google Drive so that you can search for the application. Once it shows up as a search result (as shown below), click on it... (If this does not show up for you, please put in an IT help desk ticket and we'll help you from there)

If clicking on the Google Drive app doesn't do anything, it might already be running in the background. Click on your system tray icons and then click on the Google Drive icon...

Enter Your Login Credentials

After you've clicked on the blue Sign in button, your web browser will open and will ask you to sign into your Google account. Go ahead and follow the prompts as shown below...

Check Your G: Drive

You might get a popup telling you that Google Drive is setting up. If you get this, just wait a few seconds before continuing. Now open Windows File Explorer and look for the G: drive on the left side of the window. Click on the G: drive and see if your My Drive and Shared drives show up. (If the G: drive does not show up, please put in an IT help desk ticket and we'll help you from there)